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Abu Dhabi Falconers Club

  • Abu Dhabi
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About the Club

Falconry is not just a type of sport in the UAE; it is an important activity that is closely linked to traditions and heritage of the country. It is directly linked to the traditions of our ancestors and founding fathers.

Noting the remarkable successes of the Abu Dhabi Falconry Competitions 2012, and the unprecedented participation in this event by a large number of falconers, the idea to establish the “Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club” saw the light. Abu Dhabi Falconers Club has been established to contribute to maintaining and preserving part of the dear heritage and traditions of Abu Dhabi and our beloved country.

Enhancing the image and position of Abu Dhabi as a centre for falconers, to avail a suitable environment for practicing falconry are also of the Club’s objectives.

Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club will expand this type of sport in Abu Dhabi and the UAE so as to link current generations of the UAE with the sports and traditions of our ancestors and founding fathers.

The club will also allow great opportunities for falconers to practice falconry in safe manner through usage of modern and latest techniques and tools in relation to this type of sport and hobby.

Based on its plans as well; the Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club will cater for falconers’ needs, assist them to practice falconry in different areas in Abu Dhabi emirate.

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