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  • 10 Aug 2023
  • Source : ADSC

Active Hub organizes emergency first aid trainings at various Abu Dhabi Schools

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council's Active Hub has conducted a series of workshops on emergency, first aid and rescue at various schools in Abu Dhabi. The workshops aim to teach students practical first aid procedures that can save lives.

The training, provided by Major Arif Al Jaberi who specialises in the field, was organised as part of Abu Dhabi Sports Council’s efforts to promote health awareness and prepare the youth to deal with emergency situations efficiently and effectively.

The Active Hub workshops seek to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to render first aid in case of emergencies, both in and outside of schools.

The workshops cover various topics, including how to deal with common injuries such as wounds, bruises, and fractures, as well as providing first aid in cases of losing consciousness, breathing difficulties and burns.

The importance of rapid response in emergencies and how to contact relevant authorities to provide the necessary assistance to those who need it are also covered in the workshops.

The Active Hub sports initiative aims to encourage the community of Abu Dhabi to engage in physical fitness and to promote a healthy lifestyle. The program provides support and guidance to schools for the promotion of well-being among students and staff, as well as to empower a knowledgeable and competent generation with the ability to act properly in health emergencies.

Active Hub is a pioneering example of an integrated social sports model, effectively contributing to raising awareness in society of the importance of sports and its role in maintaining good health.

Abu Dhabi Sports Council ensures the continuation of these efforts and expansion of events and programs to benefit as many schools and participants as possible.