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  • 31 Jul 2023
  • Source : ADSC

Egyptian Super Cup of Champions in Abu Dhabi for the fourth consecutive season.

The participation includes the league and league champions, the Egyptian Cup, and the league runner-up.

  • Al Awani: The past successes of the tournament are the reason for its continuity, development and increase in the number of teams
  • Al Dirandali: Many technical gains are expected for Egyptian football from the championship and an increase in the number of clubs
  • Al Waziri: The big event is an investment for the success of the Super Cup of Champions in Abu Dhabi and its association with it

Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the United Sports Company in Egypt have completed a partnership agreement to stage the Egyptian Super Cup of Champions in Abu Dhabi for the fourth consecutive season this year.

The agreement confirmed the renewal of Abu Dhabi's hosting of the Egyptian Super Cup in its upcoming edition (seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth) and with a new system based on the participation of four teams for the first time under the banner of the Egyptian Super Cup of Champions.

The agreement between the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, the Egyptian Football Association and the United Sports Company reinforces the keenness on partnership and cooperation that resulted in remarkable successes in organizing six previous versions of the Egyptian Super Cup in Abu Dhabi in 2015, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2023.

It also emphasises the contribution to the spread of Egyptian football, especially in light of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in producing the Egyptian Super Cup in a way that befits and adds to the reputation and dignity of Egyptian football, as well as the history of the clubs participating in the Super Cup. This honour also extends the close relations that link the Emirates with Egypt.

His Excellency Aref Hamad Al Awani, General Secretary of Abu Dhabi Sports Council, expressed their pride in the continued partnership with United Sports, which led to this fruitful cooperation in making Abu Dhabi a new home for the Egyptian Super Cup of Champions.

“The Egyptian Super Championship for Champions is among the priorities of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in its organisation of events, especially since these priorities are based on the strong partnership that brings together Abu Dhabi Sports and the Egyptian Football Association.

“Such is the nature of the distinguished relationship between Emirati football and its Egyptian counterpart.

“When we refer to the fact that Abu Dhabi is a global capital of sports, and an attraction for regional and international sporting events, we translate this into reality, and when the time for the Egyptian Super comes, it is an affirmation of what we seek.

“The great successes of the previous six editions deepened our idea that the championship would be this time, conducted in its largest and broadest form, and to include four teams according to a new system.

“We welcome again our Egyptian brothers to Abu Dhabi. We also extend our congratulations to the football fans and the Egyptian community in the UAE that this time they can enjoy their favourite teams for a whole week, not just 90 minutes.”

Khaled Al Darandali, Vice President of the Egyptian Football Association, expressed his happiness with the agreement, and the success of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in organising the Egyptian Super Cup on six previous occasions, which guarantees the success of the Egyptian Super Championship for Champions.

“The participation of four teams is set to captivate the interest of the Arab masses in general, and the Egyptian and Emirati people in particular,” he said.

Al Darandali praised the role played by the United Sports Company in concluding agreements that would develop Egyptian football and transfer it from the local to the regional and international levels.

Saif Al Waziri, Chairman and Managing Director of Presentation Sports, said that the remarkable success of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in organising six editions of the Egyptian Super Cup was the foundation of the developing the championship to include four teams in a combined tournament.

Al Waziri added the agreement comes within the framework of the United Sports Company's keenness to extend its supportive role for football, expand the spread of Egyptian competitions and their balance with the Arab public.

“It will deepen the effectiveness and communication with the Egyptian community across the UAE and the rest of the sister Gulf countries, through three strong matches that represent elite clubs,” he said.

“This translates the company's values in activating the role of sport as a means of rapprochement and establishing closer human ties, as well as confirming the value and popularity of Egyptian football in its broad Arab scope.”

Al Waziri thanked Abu Dhabi Sports Council for the distinguished and fruitful partnership, pointing out that a press conference will be held in Abu Dhabi next September to announce all the details of the agreement, the tournament format, its launch date, and the participating teams.

The press conference, which will be held next September, will witness the announcement of the championship system, with the participation of four teams:

- Champions of the Egyptian Premier League.

- Egyptian Cup champions.

- Champions of the Egyptian Professional Clubs League Cup.

- Runner-up of the Egyptian Premier League

In the event that the league champion obtains the Egypt Cup or the Egyptian Club League Cup, the team will be replaced by the Egypt Cup runner-up.

In the event that the Egyptian Cup champion wins the Egyptian Clubs League Cup, they will be replaced by the Egypt Cup runner-up.

In the event that the same team repeatedly wins the tournaments described above, priority in participation will be according to the Egyptian General League arrangement.